Journalism: a constant cycle of adapting

18 Apr

One major theme I’ve noticed regarding journalism today is change. After extensive reading on how journalism is constantly changing, listening to what professional journalists say about the new world of journalism and exploring new journalism sites, I have come to one simple realization. The key to being a journalist is to adapt.

The BBC’s business editor, Robert Peston, exemplifies this adaptation. He tells his journey of becoming a total journalist in the 21st century. He shares his transformation from writing one or two stories a week on a typewriter to constantly blogging, broadcasting and reporting every single day. His blog, Peston’s Picks, has become quite popular and essential to his work as a journalist. And Peston is just one of many journalists that have had to adapt. If you want to remain competitive in the world of journalism, it is crucial to adapt and change as the industry does.

And the industry is changing all of the time. Some think that the world of journalism still needs to undergo further changes to better benefit the public. Jonathan Stray feels that we need to design journalism so that it is used. He feels that the news should be something that attracts and excites readers.

Journalists are discovering and utilizing new tools every day. News organizations have begun to use Facebook to their advantage by creating fan pages. For instance, Facebook users can like Marie Claire’s Facebook page and get special information regarding the magazine. Journalists are now using Twitter to tweet stories live from the scene. Journalists and news organizations are now using Pinterest, even. News organizations can create boards promoting their brand, like the Today Show board does. There is a world of opportunity for journalists to enhance their storytelling with these new online sites, and the smart, adaptive journalists are taking advantage of them and thriving.

Whether it is on an individual level, organization level or industry level, things are changing. Adapting is key. Those who open their minds and adapt have the chance to thrive in an exciting new industry that is full of new possibilities. Those who choose to stay rigid and practice the ways of the past will undoubtedly fall behind. Journalists today who want to be successful need to embrace these changes and adapt.


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